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Global engineering were part of the Fletcher Construction team who took part in the massive TVNZ refurbishment.
The significant phases of the job included a complete new Atrium with steel framed and glazed roof, a new steel fire egress staircase and the back of the building, a whole new entrance and many more areas of work where good Planning and logistics were essential.
The new steel-framed glazed atrium started on level 7, which meant it had to be assembled and craned up from busy Victoria St using a 200-tonne crane. It was then welded together on site.The addition of a new 20m-high fire egress stairway at the rear of the building was 55 metres away from the crane and required a 350-tonne crane. The new entrance atrium used 20-tonnes of steelwork and was erected using spider cranes. Steel-boxed staircase moulds were used for new internal precast stairs. Metalwork included the main Atrium stairs which were aluminium-plate lined with stainless steel handrails.
Facts & figures:

• This was over two years’ work & 7000 man hours.
• We used one of the largest cranes in NZ for part of the erection.